Les gîtes du Solitary

  • Hiking trails are everywhere, marked and properly maintained; shaded, sunlighted, they run along the rivers, climb up to over 1500 m along the grassy slopes, flowery and woody, in the valleys.

    Hikers or not, all will enjoy the happiness of walking. Within a few kilometers of the Solitary, we will tell you which trails to take based on your desires of effort.

  • Our small town of 170 inhabitants has a Michelin star for its beautiful view. It dominates the plain of Lussas offering a patchwork of vineyards planted with fruit trees. To the west, a vast panorama of the Cevennes.

    You'll love the old medieval houses, the remains of the medieval castle (part of which is rehabilitated and inhabited) and the dungeon. It was a Fortified village in the twelfth century, that sent his lords to the Crusades. It remained faithful to Catholicism, and fought in the wars of religion the Protestant town of Mirabel.

  • This is an original ride. Leaping over the rocks you'll get off the course of a dried up river (except in winter).

    You multiply the discovery of weathered rock, carved by water. You hear the silence or the cigales. (30 minutes by car from the Solitary, a 2-4 hours walk, depending...)

  • At one hour from the Solitary, there are magical places where to go hiking and swimming. Under the shady oaks, you'll find rock piles worthy of Fontainebleau. They are also places of training for climbing.

    A paradise for youngsters. And then, Chassezac, a majestic river with its abundant water and beautiful places to swim. it is good for canoying down too.

  • North of Antraigues, a beautiful hike of 12 km (4h). You will enjoy exceptional views of the valley of the Volane - that you will follow for 5 km -.

    On the way you meet the Rouyon Farm from the early nineteenth century ... It has been abandoned during the rural exodus in the 60's.