Les gîtes du Solitary

  • We talk about the Green Ardèche in the north, one of the "Three Valleys" in the center, the "Ardèche Plateau" in the west, of southern Ardeche where we belong.

    Geology, climate and vegetation are also of great variety, giving the tourist routes huge attractions.

    The department of Ardèche is a water tower. It culminates at 1700 m Mezenc and Gerbier of Reeds. .

    Close to The Solitary, or within 40 minutes driving, you will find wonderful little places where to swim.

  • At an average altitude of 700 m, the Coiron plateau belongs to the average Ardèche mountains. This impression is accentuated by the steepness of the green slopes and basalt ridges, its dark and severe aspect.

    This is a particular geological region of Ardèche, between Privas, Villeneuve de Berg and Rochemaure (along the Rhone). It has the general shape of an oak leaf with digitations corresponding to various small rivers and springs.

  • The reputation of the Ardèche Gorges is well established. This site is among the finest in France, magical, captivating, a great and wild beauty.

    The coast road from Vallon Pont d'Arc to St Marcel d'Ardèche offers on 30 km sublime views. On the way the magnificent cave of La Madeleine can be found and very close to Vallon Pont d'Arc, the Reconstitution space of the Chauvet Cave.

    The canoeing and kayaking in the river, almost always under the sun, either for 4 km, 8 km or more, for a few hours or two days, delights children and adults.

    It is also possible to take on a more or less along the trail - not always easy - along the shores from the beginning to the end of the Gorges.

  • The region of Ardèche Gorges is geological limestone full of holes, caves and sinkholes. There are over 2000 of which a hundred can be visited. While in the Aven entrance is vertical, it is horizontal in the caves.

    Among the best known: the Aven Orgnac, a giant of the underworld; Aven Marzal with its rich colors, the Cave de la Madeleine, dating back over 2 million years.

  • In March, when the snow melts, streams, rivers - starting with the most famous of them, the Ardèche - receive a clean and abundant water ... All as beautiful or more, the Beaume, the Chazesac whose shores offer many small welcoming beaches.

    Away from the famous rivers, we must mention the existence of dozens of small rivers and other streams along which there are countless little corners of swimming, called home the "les gouilles".